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Adult videochat bloopers consolidating balance sheet after acquisition

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Quickly, following that first denial point, a reductionistic thinker, a label seeker, a 100% name caller looking for the “only” silver bullet – the categorical answer, would say, “anxiety’s not a problem – everyone thinks too much at times.” Since it’s not a 100% a problem, even if anxiety is 99% active and debilitating, creating profound counterproductive time loss, it’s not a categorically correct, all-the-time problem.

[Notice how time and context keep sneaking in to the discussion?

Excessive stuck thinking can result directly from problems with working memory – the pre-frontal cortex becomes relatively frozen in time.


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    If you are streaming indoors, like kittens or puppies, then you have a lot of leeway in your camera setup. You can also use professional cameras as well, although will need a capture card if you do.