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Add Comment text:="" End If 'type to add comment text to selected shape cmt. Their name may also appear in the Status Bar, when you hover over the cell that contains a comment.

The following macro will replace the old name with a new name.

NOTE: This creates new comments, without the original formatting.

If you need to copy comment pictures, or other formatting, use the macro in the next section - Replace Names With Pictures Sub Change Comment Name() 'replaces old names in comments 'deletes and reinserts comments ' so new name appears in status bar ' ws As Worksheet Dim cmt As Comment Dim str Old As String Dim str New As String Dim str Comment As String str New = "New Name" str Old = "Old Name" Application. Add Comment text:=str Comment Next cmt Next ws End Sub This macro is similar to the one above -- it replaces the old names attached to cell comments.

Change the User Name Insert - Plain Comment - Formatted Comment - Colour Formatted Comment - Comments with Date and Time Replace Old Name in Comments - No Pictures Replace Old Name in Comments - With Pictures Reset Comments to Original Position Resize Comments Format All Comments Show Comments - Active Sheet - in Centre of Active Window - at Right of Active Window Copy Comments - Text to Adjacent Cell - to Another Worksheet - from All Sheets to Another Worksheet - to Microsoft Word Print Comments with Indicators Number and List Comments List Numbered Comments With Merged Cells Create Comments with Pictures From File List Insert Selected Picture Into Comment Download the Sample Files Instead of showing the user name at the start of Excel comments, you can change to something generic, such as "Note:" However, this change affects the User Name in all Microsoft Office programs, so you may want to reset the name before you exit Excel.