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If you already have the knowledge or experience in a specific area, such as providing legal advice or showing business how to become more eco-friendly, then you can easily start your own consulting agency. There are currently more than 46 million people in the U. That means that there are lot of seniors who looking for someone to keep them company or families looking for advice on how to care for their loved ones.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? If not having enough money to get started, then I’ve got some excellent news for you.

You can start countless businesses for under a $100.

Before I did anything, I joined a forum called Stack That Money.

It’s a forum my friends in question used to be a part of and I thought that if I could speed up my learning, I would also be able to speed up the results I get and it would make for a better case study.

Rae Wilson is a teacher with an insane sense of humor who tells her story in present tense, first person.


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    The technology uses a series of mathematical calculations—the most recognizable of which is known as half-life—to estimate the age the organism stopped ingesting the isotope.

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    He sorta dropped the ball since his first few US attempts, most notably Face-Off, and over the past 12 years made a bunch of …

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