De Villiers had claimed that the State witnesses lied and conspired with investigative journalism TV programme Carte Blanche to harm his and his agency’s reputation. One of the minors testified that De Villiers had asked her to take off her clothes in front of him. De Villiers said he did not stop her from taking off her clothes, as it was sensual and sexy, and he thought she wanted to do it.


Judge Cassim Moosa said De Villiers was a poor witness and considered the minor's testimony to be credible, clear, and concise.“She insisted throughout the trial that he had raped her,” Moosa said.

All the evidence presented to the court left him with no other choice but to find De Villiers guilty on charges of rape, sexual assault, fraud, exposing children to pornography, and accessing child pornography.

Greater Manchester Police have stated that the claims against him are not linked to the national Operation Yewtree inquiry into abuse by Savile.

Two other men appeared alongside Teret in the dock, William Harper, 65, of Stretford, Manchester and Alan Ledger, 62, of Altrincham, after they were charged as part of the same investigation.

The officer also said that police is hunting for the human trafficking networks that sent the girls to Indonesia.